Mizuki Kita

"I wish to protect the people I care about"


She has long light blue hair that elegantly flows down gracefully to her bottom, deep sea blue eyes and wears a cherry blossom made of Blue Jade in her hair. She stands at 5’0 and has very curved features and beautifully pale skin. She wears a light blue kimono with a violet dragon that winds up the left side and ends on the arms and legs, with small kimono sandals. Underneath she wears black lingerie with white frills, as requested by Jun’ichi. She is heavily endowed (DD-cup) and she makes them the centre of many outfits to promote her strong sense of femininity.

A kind young woman who enjoys reading, flower arrangement, playing gateway, playing her harp and socialising while relaxing and drinking tea. She can be rather shy at times and is a bit ditsy, but her friendly nature makes her a popular dragon-blooded. She is the wife of Lord Jun’ichi.


Mizuki Kita

Exalted Swordninjaa