"I know just how despicable you are!"


She has bright green eyes and long blonde twin-tails with two bells in each twin-tail and has very soft curved features and nice pink lips. She wears the noble French maid outfit in the mansion and is forced to wear a short white miko dress with red ribbons and thread accessories with the upper arms, thighs and shins exposed, with a loose cloth covering her forearms and white cloth boots while outside. She has a wakazashi equipped on her at all times and has a longsword outside the mansion.

A young slave gifted to Jun’ichi when she was six years old originally as a playmate who has been kept until this point. She was trained in Lookshy in the reconnaissance unit. She is responsible for the guard and is its captain. She has fallen deep in love with Jun’ichi and is incredibly jealous of Mizuki. She has a harsh and demanding personality like a tsundere and is the chief maid of the mansion.




Exalted Swordninjaa